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Army Dog Center Dogs Spy Service Graph and Reality

Army Dog Center Dogs Spy Service Graph and Reality, When humans started first domesticating dogs, no one is exactly sure , but certainly one thing is a fact– dogs and people have been working side by side for decades.

Dogs are led by Modern training methods to become an integral part of Human’s lives, not only as companions, but as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and bomb or drug sniffing dogs. But few dogs are asked to give as much of themselves as police dogs.

Army Dog Center
Army Dog Center

Army Dog Center Dogs Spy Service Graph

Today, Police Spy dogs are used to track criminals by police forces in most major cities, sniff out illegal materials, find out spots, and do other jobs which human police officers can not do but only a dog can. Not only are there thousands of police dogs on the job on any given day, but hundreds of police dogs protect and serve, who have given their lives to.

Do we bother army dogs at all? Yes..! , For only 1 thing, their Skill “sense of smell” which is almost 50 times more sensitive than a humans sense of smell. Though a dog can sniff out criminals, weapons, drugs, and the most of it -bombs Particularly in the situations where a human would have to look into every foot.

Army Dog Center Spy Dogs

A dangerous task. In one case, Breston, a Belgian Malinois who works with the Cheek to wage Police Department in Cheek to wage, NY (a suburb of Buffalo), easily sniffed out a shipment of marijuana in heat-sealed Mylar bags, inside plastic-lined crates sealed with foam sealant, inside a closed storage garage.

With his sensitive nose and a search warrant, Breston kept
$3,400,000 worth of drugs off the streets. In addition to sensitivity, a dog’s sense of smell is picky.

It can discern a specific scent even when there are dozens of other scents around. Drug smugglers have tried to fool drug-sniffing dogs by wrapping drugs in towels soaked with perfume, but the dogs find the drugs anyway. A police dog’s work isn’t all about his nose, th­ough. The intimidating growl of a well-trained German shepherd can cause many criminals to surrender instead of running or fighting.

“When I bring out the dog, all of a sudden they know they can’t reason with him, they can’t intimidate him, they can’t try to scare him,” said Officer Dan Smith, Breston’s handler.

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The very presence of a police dog can prevent physical confrontations.

When a conflict does arise, dogs are faster and stronger than most humans, able to catch a fleeing criminal and clamp down with powerful jaws to apprehend the suspect until other officers arrive.

Dogs have more than earned their place in the police forces of the world.

Army Dog Center

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